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The Wyr derive their name from the Latin virus, and seem to have confused it with virtus. Unlike the commoner "wer" in "werewolf," it is not so much a question of etymology as of attitude. Where some might question the right of a race of lycanthropes to call themselves people, the Wyr regard themselves as the only true people. Perhaps, however, this is an ethical survival mechanism, enabling the Wyr to regard all other humans as food animals... --Lao's Guide to Unbiological Species [The Magic and the Healing, Nick O'Donohoe]

That's where Gredya is coming from, but life has gotten complicated. She's on her own now--with her children, that is, but with no tribe and no pack--and has to invent a new way to survive. It means learning new things. Making concessions to other thinking species. Sometimes, maybe, it even means making friends.

In her human shape, Gredya is a very thin dark-haired woman with very clean white teeth (all the better to eat you with, obviously), generally wearing a very simple tunic and breeches. As a wolf, she a wolf, you know? Large, grey, also lots of teeth. She speaks a little English, a little Russian, a little bit of this and that--languages the Wyr have picked up as useful.* The Wyr find paths between worlds by scent, and Gredya is a widely-traveled person, though not so much in anything like the modern world. If you want to do anything plot-related with that, drop me a line!

(* A note about language: She defaults to English as a language to use in Crossroads and other such places. Bar would translate her native language but the Wyr aren't really big on communicating that way to other species. So...awkward English it is, sorry.)

Lycanthropy info: The Wyr can change between shapes at will, but it's extremely painful and draining. Phases of the moon don't enter into it; silver bullets probably aren't any more effective than regular bullets. When they transform, all minor injuries heal. They are born as wolves. When they die, they die in human form. Because of her past history Gredya is going to be very wary of other lycanthropes.

There's a lot of bad stuff in her backstory, a lot of death, but mostly it's not anything she's going to be chatting about with strangers. Likewise, she's a tough customer who hunts and eats all kinds of animals and people, sometimes for fun--but that's pretty much going to be staying offscreen. She's not going to eat your chickens! Unless you would like that to happen, in which case, let me know!

Gredya is from the Crossroads novels by Nick O'Donohoe and is his property. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. The PB is ballerina Diana Vishneva.

And I'm here on Dreamwidth as [personal profile] needsmoreresearch--feel free to drop me a line through email or through DW's message system!
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